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Organic, bio-dynamic compost

Organic, bio-dynamic compost is a mixture of various manures and other organic matter that is composted using Bio-Dynamic composting preparations, such as Pfieffer BD Compost Starter.  Manures used are primarily horse manure and sheep manure.  The materials are composted in the ground in composting pits of large dimensions such as to create sufficient heat to kill off any weed seed that may be present in the materials.  No chemical additives are used.  The compost contains some manures from certified organic sources and other manures from general sources together with garden wastes, grass clippings, leaves, and other green materials, some of which are from certified organic sources, some from organic sources, and others originating from other sources.

Clanstead includes several compost piles, so compost of various ages (maturities) are available.

 Strawberries, Ogalla

 Strawberries, Latham
 Salad Greens