We make bio-dynamic compost, raise vegetables, raspberries, strawberries and are researching huckleberries.

We use bio-dyanmic principles in raising our berries and produce, specifically those originated by E. E. Pfieffer, PhD, based on his research into the micro-biologicals in the most productive lands of the world, such as the Palouse area of Washington and Idaho, the steppes of Russia, the wine growing regions of France, and other areas of the world noted for exceptionally productive soils.

There are several lines of research now going on that start with the bio-dynamics of Dr. Pfieffer, Dr. Steiner and others.  See the "links" page for access to information.

Compost related services:

Compost delivery and application services:  We are equipped with 3/4 Ton trailers made from old pickup beds, all "long bed" configuration.  Some of our trailers are equipped to dump compost, and others can spread the compost on your growing area.

If you are interested in having us spread the compost, please be aware that our trucks and trailers are equipped with conventional road tires, so some compaction of the soils in your growing area will occur. 

Compost loading services:  We can load your pickup or trailer at our facility.

Produce related services:

Reserve and schedule pick up of produce.

Growing Stock services:

Reserve and schedule pickup of growing stock.

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